Michelle Hession » Welcome to Mrs. Hession's Third Grade Class!

Welcome to Mrs. Hession's Third Grade Class!

Reading/ ELA
This week we will be working on Non-Fiction Text Structures. 
What are Text Features and why are they important!?!

Text features help the reader make sense of what they are reading and are the building blocks for text structure. So what exactly are non-fiction text features?

Text features also help readers determine what is important to the text and to them. Without a table of contents or an index, readers can spend wasted time flipping through the book to find the information they need. Special print helps draw the attention of the reader to important or key words and phrases.

With the Common Core ELA standards, students are expected to be proficient in reading complex informational texts. State assessments are also becoming more non-fiction focused, to evaluate student abilities in navigating these complex texts. So what can we do to help our students meet these standards?


Students are continuing to work on Fractions.... they will begin working on whole group using unit fractions. The test will be coming up. Please make sure your child is getting extra practice on Study Island.

Continue to also reinforce math facts by going on Xtra Math at home!


Black History Project is DUE February 2nd!
Monday- Art
Tuesday- Library
Wednesday- Gym
Thursday- Music
Friday- Computers